mega65 DevKit Hits Early Backers, Looks Amazing

mega65 DevKit Hits Early Backers, Looks Amazing

mega65, the open source implementation of the never released Commodore 65 which utilizes modern design standards and technology, has revealed its (sold-out) DevKit, accompanied with a stunning assembly video.

Originally intended as an enhanced C64, the Commodore 65 never saw production due to the liquidation of Commodore Business Machines. While some devices escaped the closure – and sell at auction for five figures – the promising project never saw mass releases.

The mega65 project aims to change that, with an 8-bit 48 MHz CPU with additional 32-bit instructions implemented in FPGA. With HDMI out and a Commodore 64 mode (as per the original Commodore 65 and even the 128), the mega65 has 128KB of RAM, expandable to a maximum 128MB. There’s also a microSD card slot, Ethernet, support for external C64 drives (e.g. the 1541 and 1571) and MEGA-OS, an all-in-one hypervisor and compact operating system.

Currently the consumer version of the mega65 is behind schedule to it’s encouraging to see the DevKit landing. For updates, keep an eye on the mega65 Twitter page.


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