Modern C64 Game Millie and Molly Heading to Nintendo Switch

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Looking for a relaxing platfrm puzzler? C64 game Millie and Molly was released in 2020 to great acclaim, and it is about to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Already available on mobile, PC, and macOS, Millie and Molly is by developer Carleton Handley, an industry veteran who worked on various titles in the 80s and 90s. if you don’t already know about the game, read this:

Millie and Molly is a retro inspired puzzle game coded and designed by industry veterans for original Commodore 64 hardware and emulators. We teamed up with the most talented people in the C64 scene including Saul Cross for the graphics and Hasse Axelsson-Svala for the music.

The game features 100 original levels spread over five themed worlds, eight pieces of music and even a level editor should you wish to get your creative juices flowing. The game works on both PAL and NTSC formats.

If you wanted to buy this C64 game it would set you back less than £3.00 an absolute bargain. (Note that the download file features the game in .d64, .t64 and .prg formats, so you can run it with any physical or emulated system.) But what about the Nintendo Switch release?

Exciting times in the Handley household. My popular C64 game Millie and Molly is being published on the Nintendo Switch by none other than Thalamus Digital, one of the very best publishers on the C64. You can even play with the original C64 graphics, there can’t be many Switch games with that style. It’s half price on preorder right now.

Head to the Nintendo Store on February 4th, 2022 to grab your copy of Millie and Molly. If you can’t wait until then, you can pre-order it from the store app on your Nintendo Switch.