N64 Super Smash Bros Prototype Revealed by Sakurai

N64 Super Smash Bros Prototype Revealed by Sakurai

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

The creation of a YouTube channel based on video game development by Nintendo’s very own Masahiro Sakurai means that we can get sneak peaks on early work that we wouldn’t see otherwise.

A recent video by Sakurai revealed a prototype of Super Smash Bros. for the N64. The creator of the game had initially intended this to be a game titled Dragon King which would later become the foundation for Smash Bros. Special moves, dodges and items were added afterwards as the game became a more established project.

However, the general rules, jumps, attacks and movements were still originally in place along with changeable battle stages. Sakurai was about to take a leaf out of other popular fighting games, and use a similar style of playable characters for familiarity. In the end, Sakurai successfully convinced Nintendo to feature their iconic characters instead.

When discussing accessible controls, Sakurai stated: “I came up with the idea for this game in 1996, around when command inputs for fighting games were starting to get extremely complicated. Some of these were extremely intense. So, I opted for simple controls with a stick direction and a button, something players could intuitively pick up. With just a quick flick, you could unleash a stronger attack, or jump. I came up with this after thinking about how best to utilise the N64’s new analog stick.”

Thanks to Mr. Sakurai and his own spin on fighting games, we now have one of the most acclaimed gaming series ever!

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