New Awesome Slam Siblings Progress Video

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A new video has been released that demonstrates the progress made in Awesome Slam Siblings, the wonderful mash-up of C64 and Nintendo characters in a Super Smash Bros.-esque deathmatch.

Also known as “ASS” (creator Søren Trautner Madsen admits in a private Facebook group that “it is in fact 100% intentional. I have a somewhat childish humor”) the game features Turrican, RIck Dangerous, Pikachu, Kirby, and many others, combating in two player arenas inspired by their original game environments.

Another work in progress video from Awesome Slam Siblings, this time primarily showcasing 3 new levels heavily inspired by some good old c64 classics. For the purists it should be noted that the Turrican theme is not from the c64 games, but rather from Turrican on the Amiga – which was the version I played. So for me that tune is the REAL turrican tune. The version in this video has been ported to c64 by Jason Page. If you read this, Jason, write me so I can thank you for using your SID. the Rick Dangerous theme is the one from “Rick Dangerous X” by Nata. All music will be remade for the actual game, though (should that ever be completed).

It’s not yet clear when or if the game will ever be finished. But the potential Nintendoids vs Commodorians face-off looks amazing, regardless.