New Batocera Steam Deck-Ready Build Released

Bateocera 35 “Monarch Butterfly” is not available, with new features and the first Batocera Steam Deck build.

Unlike, say, RetroArch, however, Batocera is not available as an app. Instead, it must be installed on a microSD card and booted. This means you get to keep SteamOS and run Batoecera when you want access to its minimal-configration emulators.

New features in Batocera 35 include:

  • Support for all light guns out of the box
  • Automatic NVidia config
  • Touchscreen ES for handheld PC
  • GamePark GP32, VTech Laser, Arduboy, Lowres-NX emulators
  • New Joycon and Xbox bluetooth drivers

As you may know, Batocera is already available for standard computers, Intel-based Apples, Anbernic handhelds, Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Rockchip boards, and even older PCs from the 2000s. Making Batocera Steam Deck compatible makes sense.

But remember: Batocera is an operating system. The download is a full disk image, ready to be installed on any suitable device. For the other devices listed above, this usually means overwriting the existing OS. Steam Deck owners are pretty lucky the device has that microSD card slot, allowing Batocera to be launched without touching SteamOS!

Interested? Download the Steam Deck build of Batocera and see how it works out with your favourite retro games.

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