New C64 Missile Command Clone Released on

As with many Atari games, the C64 port of Missile Command is particularly unremarkable. Given how popular the game remains, it should come as no surprise that someone would attempt to redress that balance.

Step forward drmortalwombat, a C64 developer who hosts work on This developer has created a new version of Missile Command for the C64 and it looks at least as good as the original Atari game, if not a little better.

The game’s listing explains:

There are two dead safe methods to survive a nuclear attack with ICBMs.  Defence with anti missiles and “Duck and Cover” where a simple desk will defy a multi megaton nuke.  Your mission is to protect the six major cities against the global nuclear attack, else perish with them.

You control three anti ICBM missile launch sites,  if you run out of missiles or launch sites or the enemy missiles you are out of luck until the end of the stage.

Target and fire your missiles using the joystick in port 2 or the 1351 mouse in port 1.

Meanwhile, the game has been prepared with two soundtracks, one for a single SID and one for dual SID systems. Keyboard controls enable or disable music an toggle the soundtrack.

You can download Missile Command as a PRG file from drmortalwombat’s page.

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