New Commodore 64 Game Lykia – The Lost Island from Psytronik Software

Coming soong from Pystronik Software is an intriguing new Commodore 64 game also available for Commodore 16/Plus 4 systems.

Described as their “biggest 8-bit production yet”, Lykia – The Lost Island is an “epic quest” that would span both sides of two floppy disks if given a physical 5.25-inch release.

And that’s exactly what is happening! This new Psytronik Software project is getting the full physical release treatment, with a collector’s edition in a full colour box artwork by Trevor Storery and the game on two floppy disks. There is also a “Premium+” edition on disk, as well as a clamshell USB version.

Lykia – The Lost Island features:

  • Stunning cinematic intro
  • Interactive soundtracks
  • Absorbing storyline
  • Inventory system
  • Lots of characters to meet
  • Huge map to explore
  • Night & Day modes
  • Game fills 4 disk sides
  • Easyflash version also included
  • TheC64 Mini + Maxi compatible

It’s Nora’s 16th birthday – but this was to be a birthday like none other!

Sent to pick apothia fruits by her mother something very strange and magical happened when Nora touched the fruit – an ancient spell was disturbed that affected all the people and animals throughout the land!

It also gave Nora special powers! And now it’s up to you to discover what is happening and to help various characters that she encounters on her travels.

Learn more about Lykia – The Lost Island and play the prequel, Nathan’s Journey, via Psytronik’s page.

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