Get Ready to Play Together With the Evercade VS

Get Ready to Play Together With the Evercade VS

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

While the release date for the Evercade VS might have been put back, the publicity machine rolls on, with this stunning new trailer of the retro game console.

Showing the console in action with a team of four players enjoying a variety of different titles, the video sets the scene by placing the Evercade VS in an arcade. Importantly, it also highlights the “takeaway” nature of the platform: play on the Evercade VS, continue on the Evercade handheld. This is made possible because each cartridge stores its own save files.

Evercade VS is the new, compact home retro gaming console from Evercade. Designed for gamers and retro enthusiasts to play together, Evercade VS brings the physical retro gaming experience back to your television.

With support for up to 4 players on local multiplayer with USB controllers, built-in WiFi for updates, a new user interface*, a 1.5Ghz CPU allowing for 1080p output, and a vast game library selection already available, Evercade VS is the ultimate retro home console.

All but two of the existing Evercade cartridges can run on the Evercade VS (due to licensing issues) which means there is a massive library of games already. Furthermore, the VS comes with up to four dedicated collections.

If you’re a retrogaming fan and you haven’t already ordered the Evercade VS, there is still time to grab yours from Amazon or any of the other retailers stcking the console. Learn more at

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