New SEGA Mega Drive Game, Life on Mars: Genesis

New SEGA Mega Drive Game, Life on Mars: Genesis

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Spanish indie developers KAI Magazine Software have announced a new SEGA Mega Drive game (also for Genesis) called Life on Mars: Genesis, a Metroidvania style game, along with 20 minutes of gameplay.

Originally released on the MSX2, Life on Mars: Genesis transfers the idea to the Mega Drive and Genesis platforms, with a “reimagined” approach.

Here is how the new was announced:

The YouTube trailer is accompanied by these details:

Life on Mars: Genesis is a “MetroidVania”, (a mix between Metroid and Castlevania – Symphony of the night) where you can freely explore the map, acquire new skills (double jump, run…) that will help you explore even more areas of the map, acquire and upgrade new weapons (grenade launcher, flamethrower), increase the capacity of your shield (life) and your power generator (stamina), etc.

This game is a reimagined adaptation of our previously released “Life on Mars” for the MSX2 computer and “Life on Mars Remake” for PC on Steam.
The setting is a bit “Aliens” and other classic 80’s sci-fi movies:

A scientific colony was established on Mars and frozen life was found in the Martian ice, a bacterium.
Shortly afterward, Earth lost contact with the colony.
9 months later, a ship from Earth finally reached Mars and a technician was sent to repair the communications array.
Playing as said technician, you must find out what happened to the colony.

Life on Mars: Genesis will be available to buy, with pre-orders scheduled to open in August ahead of a release later this year. Previous releases from KAI Magazine Software have been physical, and pre-ordered from their website, which seems to be what will happen with Life on Mars: Genesis.

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