New Star Fox Mod Adds Multiplayer Mode and More!

New Star Fox Mod Adds Multiplayer Mode and More!

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

A new trailer for an upcoming Star Fox mod, known as Star Fox EX, has been released. It’s set to release on 11th November. Modder KandoWontu released the first trailer last week, featuring the iconic characters, Mario and Luigi. The modded SNES classic will include features such as new ships, weapons, levels and multiplayer mode!

Kando initially wished to the all-range mode from Star Fox 2 and modder Starxxon’s camera mechanic. In an interview with Time Extension, he states “After that, I thought why not make the ships changeable? And the weapons? And before you know it I was adding new features and hidden codes. Then one day I figured out how to make a basic menu for toggles! At this point I’ve added a full second map with the original intact and still playable, the new map has 3 new courses, a secret level, new backgrounds/enemies/bosses/music, and much more!”

Newly added elements also include a pre-game mod menu, a New Game+ feature, new views, God Mode Code, and the list goes on! This wasn’t a one-person mission though, as Kando was aided by fellow modders  SegaRetro92, phonymike, livvy94, MrL314Euclidium, Sunlitspace542, chuckborrisnorris and Random Stuff. They assisted with aspects like music creation and textures.

Earlier this year, Kando was hoping to launch the code in August, but had to postpone it to October due to the increasing size of the project. This just goes to show the sheer dedication of modders to create (or recreate) an enhanced experience of a beloved game.


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