No More Links to Gambling Sites

ace cards casino deck

Linking to gambling sites might be lucrative, but it’s unsuitable and not in the spirit of real gaming. As such, I’m banning future links from this site to gambling sites, both paid or free.

I’ve been freelancing full-time for over 10 years, and as such have amassed a collection of contacts. Similarly, I have been collected by PR companies looking for someone, anyone, to promote their latest client.

When I first launched Gaming Retro UK (aka GRUK), I was pleased to receive emails with material I could use on the site. “Top 10 retro games or consoles from the 1990s” and similar, you know the type. The article would invariably be built around research conducted by a PR firm (or department) on behalf of a gambling company and required a link back.

Aside for the occasional Grand National flutter (not even every year) I’m not a gambler, but I know people who are. It isn’t helpful to promote gambling companies on a site like this.

A few weeks ago, I received repeated emails from a company wishing to promote its online gambling client on these pages. I decided at that point that while GRUK does not make enough to cover hosting through its existing ads, I would not make this site anything other than a home for people who love retro games. While there might be some superficial crossover (the odd retro game based on cards or bandits) there is no reason to put gambling ads in front of people at the best of times.

Research shows that the most problem age group for gambling among men is 45 and up. Coincidentally, aside from being my own age group, it is also the same demographic that constitutes most of our readers.

So, to conclude: no more links to gambling sites for any purpose (those previously included will be removed when they’re 12 months old, a process I’ll conduct next week). No paid links to gambling sites.