Nostalgia Nerd Launches Norwich-Based Barcadia Arcade Bar on Kickstarter

Nostalgia Nerd Launches Norwich-Based Barcadia Arcade Bar on Kickstarter

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Peter Leigh, also known as Nostalgia Nerd on YouTube, along with Stuart Ashen and Daniel Brown have launched a Kickstarter for a new arcade bar in Norwich, UK.

At the time of writing, this has generated £11,440 of the £25,000 goal, thanks to 188 backers, and there are still 20 days to go, so things are looking good. But why back Nostalgia Nerd’s Kickstarter?

This team is passionate about video games and want to create a fully fledged video game arcade hub in Norwich, UK. They want to recreate the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of old arcades and share their passion with the world.

The arcade will also be a bar serving soft and hard drinks as well as vegan junk food. They aim to host one-off events, quizzes, gaming competitions and serve the gaming community in every way they can. They want the arcade to have a jungle-like feeling with lots of plants and a classy interior while maintaining an authentic arcade bar feeling.

So far, the Peter and his team have secured:

• An excellent venue located in the heart of Norwich. It’s a short stroll from the train station, has excellent parking nearby, but importantly is the perfect size and shape to pack it with arcade machines.

• Talking of which, we have secured a supply of arcade machines. We haven’t decided fully which ones we’re going to commit to yet (we’ll need your help for that), but we’ve got a good selection to choose from.

• Samantha Whitehouse. Yep, we’ve secured ourselves a Samantha. She’s a local business owner who currently runs a board game cafe in Norwich called Slice + Dice. Together with Peter Leigh, Samantha will be running Barcadia on a day-to-day basis, providing the essential industry knowledge we need. She also absolutely loves arcade games (I mean, a lot).

• A kitchen. Yup the venue has a kitchen and will be serving some of the greatest plant based loaded fries you will ever experience.

• We’ve also thankfully been able to come up with a large chunk of the money needed to get this place off the ground. However, we’re not quite there yet, and that’s why we need your help to make it a reality. But we don’t expect you to do that for free, and so that’s why we’ve come up with some absolutely cracking rewards.

So, what happens if you back this project? What do you get?

Well, there is a range of options. After the standard “back it because you believe” £10/whatever option, you can get exclyive VIP video diaries for over £10, an Exclusive Membership and 10% discount for a £50 contribution, and evn a £75 merch pack. If you’re feeling particularly enthused by this project, £1000 will get you the venue entirely to yourself and friends in the company of Nostalgia Nerd Peter and his friends.

Sounds pretty good!

Find out more about this project at the Barcadia Arcade Bar Kickstarter.

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