PIko Interactive Cart Joins Evercade List of Retired Collections

Blaze Entertainment has confirmed Piko Interactive Collection 1 is joining its list of discontinued (or retired) products.

As of 2023, Piko Interactive Collection 1 (cart #9) is no longer produced. As such, if you’re collecting Evercade carts and have a gap in your collection, this is one you should grab as soon as you see it.

Piko Interactive Collection 1 joins the Oliver Twins Collection and several other cartridges on the list of soon-to-be-rare Evercade carts.

The full list of retired Evercade cartridge collections as of February 2023 is:

In addition, the following Evercade console packs are also discontinued:

  • Evercade Handheld Starter Pack
  • Evercade Handheld Premium Pack

The original Evercade devices shipped with Atari and Interplay collections, and at the time of writing both are still available individually.

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