Project Blue: An 8-Bit Cyberpunk Thriller

Project Blue: An 8-Bit Cyberpunk Thriller

Last Updated on October 1, 2023

In the dystopian city of Neo Hong Kong, a shadowy multinational conglomerate is conducting unspeakable experiments on homeless youth in a secret bio-weapons lab. But one test subject, codenamed Project Blue, manages to break free.

Now it’s up to you to help Blue escape from Theta Lab and bring down the corrupt corporation. Put your skills, wits, and reflexes to the test as you jump, swim, and blast your way through four massive areas in this exciting new action platformer.

Project Blue is a game that anyone can pick up and learn to play quickly, but it offers a deep challenge for those who seek it. With three layout-changing difficulty modes, secret rooms, and alternate routes galore, there’s always something new to discover.

Project Blue was created by two indie developers who have never met in person, but share a passion for the NES and cyberpunk. They borrowed inspiration from classic films and books to create a unique and immersive world.

With its simple yet challenging controls, huge original soundtrack, and stunning pixel art, Project Blue is a must-play for any fan of retro gaming.


  • 256 screens of heart-pounding action!
  • A huge, original soundtrack of 22 songs!
  • 3 layout-changing difficulty modes!
  • Secret rooms and alternate routes galore!
  • 3 swappable borders and in-game manual
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Switch NES Online Controllers
  • Exclusive achievements on Xbox

Ready to help Blue escape in this cyberpunk thriller? Pre-order now for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, or buy the NES ROM from the homepage or

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