Recalbox 7.2 Launches, Includes 5 New Systems

Recalbox 7.2 Launches, Includes 5 New Systems

Last Updated on April 24, 2021

Recalbox 7.2 is now available to download and along with the various updates and new features come five newly supported systems.

Upgrading to Recalbox 7.2 will let you play titles for Watara Supervision, PICO-8, Pocket Challenge V2, Elektronika BK, and EPOCH SuperCassette Vision.

There’s a good chance that you haven’t previously heard of some or all of these systems.

● Watara Supervision: This cheap Game Boy clone was manufactured by Watara in 1992. It
was later licensed to several third-parties, and released under many different names. 69
games have been officially released.
● PICO-8: A virtual console similar to the TIC-80 with over 4000 games available, largely
popularized by the incredible success of “Celeste”, the famous platformer initially developed
by Noel Berry and Maddy Thorson on Pico-8 in 2015, before being released on all modern
platforms in 2018!
● Pocket Challenge V2: A Japanese handheld console that specializes in educational games.
● Elektronika BK: BK (БК), Russian abbreviation for “бытовой компьютер” – “home
computer” is a series of Soviet 16-bit home computers, developed under the brand
Electronika by NPO Scientific Center. Elektronika BK was the only “official” Soviet home
computer. The BK-0010/BK-0011 and Terak 8510/A were manufactured from 1984 to 1993
and sold at the price of 650 Rubles, which was… almost 4 months of average salary!
● EPOCH SuperCassette Vision: The 2nd generation EPOCH console released in 1984 and
counting a total of 30 officially released games and 3 unreleased. The porting of this
Japanese emulator to libretro is a Recalbox exclusive!

While certainly niche, there is a lot to explore here. Sure, the Watara Supervision might sound like a digital childminding system, but the Soviet-era Electronika BK and EPOCH SuperCassette Vision look particularly intriguing.

Recalbox 7.2 is available now – head to for full details and the download page.

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