Recalbox 8.0 and Recalbox RGB Dual Launched

Recalbox 8.0 Electron is now available, alongside a new piece of hardware. Recalbox RGB DUAL is an amazing new accessory that lets you play games through Recalbox on CRT TVs.

More than six months of work have been necessary for the team of volunteers to propel emulation
and retrogaming into a new era, establishing new standards in terms of fidelity and accessibility.

With this release Recalbox is able to emulate more than 120 systems, from handhelds to home consoles, including arcades and computosaurs (old computers), via a unique and ultra-simplified interface, entirely controllable with the joystick.

It’s simple: Recalbox has become THE solution for retrogaming enthusiasts; for collectors as well as amateurs who don’t have the space or the means to acquire original equipment, which is now rare, expensive, and particularly fragile. And if you get tired of gaming (what?!), Recalbox also embeds Kodi, the famous media player, for unrivalled versatility!

New emulators have been added in Recalbox 8.0:

  • Hatari : Supports all models (ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon) and support for
    different bios per model (exclusive to Recalbox). This feature is also carried over to the
    libretro-Hatari core (but libretro-Hatari does not support MegaST and MegaSTE has only
    partial support). Also added a multi-model open-source “universal bios”. (ST now works
  • Uae4ARM : This is like Amiberry, but with the libretro/Retroarch config for those who prefer.
    This core can start WHDLs faster than Amiberry. With Amiberry upgraded to version 4.1.5,
    and the new Uae4ARM core, playing Amiga, CD32 and CDTV games has never been easier,
    thanks to Recalbox 8.0!
  • Daphné Singe : It’s Daphne + support for “American Laser Games”, including the famous
    shooting game “Mc Dog McCree” (require manual configuration for lightguns)
  • GenesixGXPlusWide : The emulator that turns your Megadrive 4/3… into a 16:9 Megadrive
    (with more or less success depending on the games). Really impressive!
  • Duckstation : New emulator, which allows among other things to have the PSX running
    perfectly on Odroid Go Advance / Odroid Go Super, even on the most demanding games.

We’ll have more details about the revisions introduced in Recalbox 8.0 soon.

What Is Recalbox RGB Dual?

Recalbox RGB Dual is a hardware component that lets you connect a device running Recalbox to a CRT display. Designed as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4, and Raspberry Pi 400, the RGB Dual has been developed as an open-source project. To launch the device, the team at Recalbox have opted to use Kickstarter, with the following objectives:

  • Finance design and production at a competitive price
  • Send the first elements in January 202
  • Offer the RGB Dual at an affordable price of 30€ (during the campaign)
  • Keep on an affordable price of 40€ (after financing)
  • Support the Recalbox project …save the last CRTs of our childhood

The aim of the device is obvious: with a suitable Raspberry Pi running Recalbox, you can play all games and consoles installed on the Pi through a CRT display.

Recalbox 8.0 paired with the new Recalbox RGB Dual allows it to produce an analog signal 100% “Pixel Perfect”, exactly matching the original consoles of the time, with zero configuration!

Recalbox RGB Dual is the fidelity of the original works on a CRT screen, combined with the power, ergonomics, and ease of use that have made Recalbox internationally renowned!

Recalbox RGB Dual is 100% plug and play, so should be detected by a system running Recalbox 8.0 or later. It is also compatible with all systems supported by Recalbox, and is the first Raspberry Pi 4/400/3/3B+ compatible CRT solution.

It is 50Hz/60Hz compatible, with 15KHz signals on SCART (31KHz on VGA in W.I.P.) and automatically selects the original resolution and framerate of the games. The Recalbox RGB Dual also features an audio filter on both channels, automatic AV channel selection when powered up, and supports the RGB signal, with a clean video sync.

It sounds amazing, so if you own a CRT that you’ve been struggling to enjoy some retro gaming on, the Recalbox RGB Dual could be the answer.

If you want to back the Recalbox RGB Dual, here’s the link:

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