Recalbox Dual 2 Announced for Raspberry Pi 5

A new device, the Recalbox Dual 2, has been announced for the Raspberry Pi 5.

The release of the Raspberry Pi 5 has had various implications, not least for Recalbox. The team behind retro gaming suite Recalbox’s YouTube channel has released a new video, which looks at the Raspberry Pi 5, and its compatibility with Recalbox and the group’s upcoming hardware.

Take a look:

While it’s excellent to see so much positivity for the Pi 5, the video also rightly highlights the board’s shortcomings, such as the lack of the TRRS 3.5mm A/V port, and the impact this can have on existing hardware.

(Incidentally, there is something intriguing about the video. As you watch, you’ll notice that Recalbox’s Fabrice manages to not only master English, but revise his accent several times throughout. The reason? We suspect the video utilizes AI speech, translated from French. )

Although the Recalbox Jamma HAT remains compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5, the Recalbox Dual is not.

What is the Recalbox Dual 2?

The Recalbox RGB Dual is a Raspberry Pi HAT (compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 4, 400, and Pi Zero 2) that adds a SCART output. For retro gaming purposes with classic CRT TVs, this simplifies connections, delivering authentic visuals including scan lines.

But the Recalbox RGB Dual isn’t compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5, hence the announcement in the video:

We are still very happy to announce that we have been working for many months on the next recal boox RGB dual 2 which will of course be compatible with Pi 4 and Pi 5 while adding a lot of original and new features.

Keep an eye on the Recalbox international YouTube channel and their Twitter feed for updates on the Recalbox Dual 2.

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