Recalbox Released for HardKernel’s ODROID-GO Advance & ODROID-GO Super

Recalbox Released for HardKernel’s ODROID-GO Advance & ODROID-GO Super

Last Updated on March 7, 2021

Recalbox, the popular OS dedicated to retro gaming has released a new version with compatibility for the ODROID-GO Advance and the brand new ODROID-GO Super handhelds from HardKernel.

Available from February 26th, this update should be considered an “appetizer” before the next major release of Recalbox later in 2021. With full compatibility with the ODROID-GO Super, Recalbox’s developers are keen to emphasize that this is more than just a simple port. The Recalbox team has done lots of work to take advantage of the capabilities that the Super provides:

  • General system optimization
  • Volume and brightness control via hardware buttons
  • Headphone jack management with automated auto output switching
  • Power consumption optimization, for longer battery life
  • Battery charge level management, with a display in the menu
  • NEW: STARTUP WIZARD! For even more convenience, and an unparalleled user experience!
  • NEW: SLEEP MODE! Whether you’re in a menu or in the middle of a game, a simple press of the power button will put your system into a power saving mode. Another press will turn the system back on, letting you pick up where you left off, even after several days… just like the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite it resembles.

With the ODROID-GO Super already becoming the new gold standard in handheld retro gaming, Recalbox’s release on the platform is a significant development. And while those listed features are certainly attractive, there is something else to boast: Recalbox’s new version for ODROID-GO Super and ODROID-GO Advance can run without any setup or configuration!

Oh, and Recalbox has recently acquired the distribution rights for nearly 150 indie games. We’ll be taking a look at that exciting new reason to use Recalbox in more detail soon.

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