Red Dead Redemption Remaster Is a Straight Port to Switch & PS4

Red Dead Redemption Remaster Is a Straight Port to Switch & PS4

Last Updated on August 7, 2023

If you’ve been excited by the prospect of a Red Dead Redemption remaster, it’s time to temper your fervour.

Rockstar Games has confirmed the forthcoming re-release of its 2010 western adventure Red Dead Redemption. However, there is no remaster coming. Instead, the original game is being issued on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is believed to be compatible with the PS5, but with no performance enhancements.

The original Red Dead Redemption continues to be available on Xbox. There is no version for Windows.

What happened to the Red Dead Redemption remaster?

Following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, and its higely successful reception, there was quite a bit of talk in favour of a remaster or remake of the original game. In this scenario, the remaster would utilise the game engine of the sequel, resulting in enhanced graphics and world creation.

In the event, we’re getting a straightforward re-release of a 13 year old game for one platform that is likely being replaced in the next 18 months and another that already has. Sure, it includes the zombie expansion pack, Undead Nightmare, but there’s nothing tangibly new here. We’re not even sure it’s a physical release at this stage.

As a fan of the series since RDR2, I’ve yet to sample either of the earlier games. In fact, I was planning to but have been holding out for news of a remaster. I know a lot of other fans feel the same about this, but it won’t stop me from playing Red Dead Redemption at some point.

Abandoning the remaster idea isn’t going down well, however. And what about that PC release?

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