Sealed SNES Game Lufia II Appears on German Online Store

Sealed SNES Game Lufia II Appears on German Online Store

German retailer Galeria Kaufhof has listed what seems to be Nintendo-sealed copies of Lufia (aka Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals worldwide) for the SNES. But where did the game come from?

Noting that the game comes in original packaging with the manual, Galeria Kaufhof state the title is only available in select branches. Sadly, the listing is now closed. Has it sold out, or was it an error?

According to the listed image, it appears to be the ‘Big Box’ version of the game, which includes a strategy guide. On eBay, it sells for around £150 but Galeria Kaufhof listed the title for just €79.99, which is around £70.

As for the origins of this listing, it would seem the collection of Lufia II appeared a few months ago. According to the NeoGAF forum:

Out of nowhere there were rumours a couple of months ago, that somewhere in an old warehouse a few sealed boxes were found with dozens of SNES games back from the 90s.

Other titles have recently materialised, such as F-Zero for the SNES, which would lend credence to this. So, is there any more missing retro gaming stock out there?

(Nintendo Life)

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