Sensible World of Soccer 2021/22 Amiga Update Released

Amiga users are getting a Sensible World of Soccer update for 2022! While you might have been able to enjoy Sensible Soccer on Evercade or Evercade VS with the release of the Codemasters Collection 1, Sensible World of Soccer continues to be maintained with regular updates. More akin to FIFA with a career mode and transfers, SWOS retains a strong following among the Amiga retro community.

Amiga 600/1200 users with 4MB Fast RAM can enjoy:

  • 21/22 database,
  • HDF for Amiga 600/1200
  • career mode is working, starting year set to 21/22
  • disable the mouse port (port 0) for single player mode

Note that ADF and whdload versions of SWOS are no longer available. This is due to piracy and compatibility issues.

You can grab your version of SWOS with the 2021/22 database from

Sensible World of Soccer 2021/22 for Windows

Meanwhile, the Windows version of the game has also been updated. This requires an original version of SWOS reinstalled on your hard drive. You might grab this from:

New features:

  • Speedrun mode!
  • Practice mode!
  • HD widescreen support
  • USB controller support
  • improved pitch palette
  • improved sound files (stereo)
  • auto-updater for database / launcher / executable
  • database browser, full search engine for players/teams
  • DLC for pitches, sound fx, commentary, cups & more…

Here’s how it was announced:

The Windows update for SWOS can be found on the same webpage as the Amiga version.

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