Sim City and More in Pixel Addict Magazine #6

Sim City and More in Pixel Addict Magazine #6

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

Pixel Addict magazine issue #6 is now available to pre-order, with Amiga Addict’s sister publication taking in everything from comic cons and games exhibitions to the BBC Micro and Atari Jaguar this time around.

The main features in issue 6 are a look at which Sim City game is best (my money is on the original, or Sim City 2000, the only game worth playing on Pocket PC) and a retrospective of classic first generation games (including Elite, Pong, Adventure, and E.T.).

Our cover story this month looks at the difficulty curve in gaming, with a retrospective look at classic first generation games including Elite, Pong, Adventure and E.T.Which Sim City game is the best?

Issue 6 of Pixel Addict magazine also includes:

  • Rare collectors’ computers including the Bandai RX-78, 3DO, Osaris PDA and Pandora.
  • Our Homebrew Heroes section previews the latest retro game releases.
  • Wigan Comic Con event.
  • The History of Video Games exhibition in Bristol.
  • Games editor Alan continues his quest to find the best classic game ever!
  • Phil Murphy interview and NERG event show report.
  • BBC micro BASIC programming.
  • OpenXcom game profile.
  • We watch the Doom movie featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in our regular Pixels ‘N’ Popcorn column.
  • Can Andrew learn to love the SNES console?
  • The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book from Bitmap Books is reviewed.
  • New Atari Jaguar games.
  • Playdate handheld console.
  • Ex-Ocean software’s Simon Butler.
  • Computing/gaming news and Your Points Of View!
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Pixel Addict #6 is available to pre-order online now and will be in stock from September 22nd if you prefer to buy from WHSmith.

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