SNK vs CAPCOM for Commodore 64 Demo in RetroFighter Engine

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It’s time for another look at the RetroFighter game engine for Commodore 64 development, whose developer has showcased a new demo of SNK vs CAPCOM.

Shared on Facebook by game artist Jon Eggelton, it transpires that memory limits have impacted how the backgrounds are designed.

Just a heads-up for a C64 project I’ve been designing backgrounds for, with ace coder Gianluca Alberico – a very playable versus fighter based on SNK v CAPCOM. Video and downloadable demo are available through the link. The backgrounds were an interesting challenge – for memory reasons they’re done in MC charmode with all the usual limitations, and had to be squeezed into 192 characters.

As you can see in the video above, the game is coming along nicely. The latest version features a bonus found, five new fighters, improvements to the design and quality of the fighter size and shape, and general improvements by Eggelton. Available as a CRT file demo, you can grab SNK vs CAPCOM for C64 from this Dropbox link. The game also has a manual explaining the moves for each fighter.

Considerable credit has to go to Eggelton for the background work. As the video illustrates, they look stunning, as good as anything you’ll see on the Commodore 64.