Star Fox on Sega Mega Drive

Iconic and classic Nintendo game, Star Fox has been transformed into a playable demo for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. It is able to run without a Super Nintendo SuperFX chip!

The game runs very similarly to the SNES original version. Audio was sampled from the original SNES game music. The individual behind the demo, going by Gasega68k on Twitter, explains that the music during gameplay are “streaming sample rate at 12khz (2 to 1 compresion adpcm type, the same format I used on wolf3d) playing with the z80.”[SIC]

They also included footage of the demo gameplay in their tweet.

The creator has also worked on demos for Wolfenstein 3D, and Mode 7 demos for Sonic Team Racing and G-Zero. After the immense engagement the tweet received, Gasega68k responded with surprise: “I didn’t think this video was going to get so much attention, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I release the Rom.”

Here is a video of his previous work on Wolfenstein 3D, showing examples of each level being played on these Sega systems.

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