Taito’s Megablast Joins Arcade Archives

Another arcade classic has joined Hamster’s Arcade Archives, and Megablast is a shooter you should definitely try out.

Taito’s Megablast, a side-scrolling shooter, hit arcades worldwide in 1989. With incredible firepower at their disposal, one or two players pilot space fighters against an alien invasion through eight stages. Several minibosses pay homage to past Taito games. In 2007, Taito Memories II Gekan for the PlayStation 2 included a re-release of Megablast.

This new release is part of Hamster’s Arcade Archives, with the game available on the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. Megablast, like other titles in the collection, is digital only, so check the appropriate online store – it retails at around £6 in the UK.

The “Arcade Archives” series honors classic arcade games, offering players the chance to adjust game difficulty and replicate arcade display settings. High scores can be submitted globally for competitive play. Discover the video game masterpiece that defined a generation and enjoy it to the fullest.

Learn more on the official Arcade Archives website.

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