Thalamus Hints at C64 Games on Nintendo Switch

Thalamus Hints at C64 Games on Nintendo Switch

Been wishing for fancy some classic C64 games on Nintendo Switch? Thalamus Digital has hinted that you might get what you wished for.

Retro gaming has generally been a success on the Nintendo Switch, the N64 roll out notwithstanding. So it makes sense that rights holders of classic platform titles should be looking at the Switch. After all, the Amiga version of Turrican is an absolute barnstormer!

Classic 8- and 16-bit gaming company Thalamus has been revived in the past few years as Thalamus Digital. They recently released some modern titles on the Nintendo Switch. A recent tweet suggests they have more in store, however, particularly for fans of the Commodore 64.

You asked for C64 games on the Nintendo Switch.
We listened.
Stay tuned.

This is exciting news – but the question is, which games could you expect to find on the Nintendo Switch from Thalamus?

Highlights from the library of the original company include:

  • Sanxion (1986)
  • Delta (1987)
  • Hunter’s Moon (1987)
  • Armalyte (1988)
  • Hawkeye (1988)
  • Snare (1989)
  • Retrograde (1989)
  • Creatures (1990)

…and a host of sequels and unreleased titles. A Nintendo Switch cartridge of these games (and others) would be very welcome – Sanxion in particular is a game I spent a lot of time playing back in the late 80s and early 90s.

Fingers crossed this pleasant non-committal hint from Thalamus Digital leads to actual releases!

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