Thalamus Re-releases GBC Classic Space Invasion

Thalamus Re-releases GBC Classic Space Invasion

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

Game Boy Color shooter Space Invasion from industry veterans Thalamus re-released on

A long time ago, I played various shoot-em-ups by Thalamus on the Commodore 64. Sanxion, Delta, Hunter’s Moon, and Armalyte were particularly strong entries into their library).

The current Thalamus Digital team has a nice selection of projects available on, and newly added in the past few days is Space Invasion.

A revision of an old Game Boy Color title from around 2002, this is a standard alien defence game in five stages.

Space Invasion follows a simple yet classic formula: destroy the waves of aliens before they descend to the surface and wipe out your ship. You are armed with a limitless supply of bullets, and have three ‘shields’ which you can use as protection from the enemy onslaught.

The game is divided into five stages, each comprising ten waves. Each stage is set against a different backdrop (representing different areas of the solar system), and features a wide array of enemy types.

Space Invasion for GBC

Costing an incredible $1.99, Space Invasion has a detailed listings page on, which includes some advanced strategies. The game is distributed as a ZIP file that can be played on a GBC emulator such as mGBA for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can also run it with a Game Boy Color-compatible Everdrive.

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