The Evercade VS Founders Edition Reviewed

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It seemed to take forever, but the Evercade VS Founders Edition, ordered in May 2021, finally arrived the week before Christmas.

Featuring six cartridges, two controllers, a certificate, cartridge case, and stickers, the VS has been a permanent fixture in the living room here at GRUK Towers. It certainly holds its own alongside the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

While I didn’t have the time to review the console for these pages, I was happy to contribute a detailed video and written review the Evercade VS for, which you can watch above.

By this point, you’ve probably read a dozen reviews of the Evercade VS. My own feeling is that a couple of niggles aside, this is the easiest way to bring multiplatform retro gaming into your living room for as little money as possible. Indeed, I even awarded the Evercade VS the MUO Editor’s Choice award.

While emulation is a part of the Evercade experience, the handheld and the VS are both so finely tuned, and the cartridges perfectly curated, that the downside of emulation – endless configuration – is no longer an issue. It is this strength, enhanced with the Evercade VS, that I think underlines the importance of the device as a retro gaming system. A few enthiusiasts aside, no one wants to waste time with configuration. You wouldn’t expect it form a genuine retro device, a remake like the TinyNES, or an FPGA device.

As retro gaming goes increasinly mainstream, configuration is something that is expected as a default feature. Blaze Entertainment has recognized that with its Evercade devices, and that will widen the interest in retro gaming going forward.