The Saga Continues: Star Wars KOTOR 2 Switch DLC Missing

The Saga Continues: Star Wars KOTOR 2 Switch DLC Missing

Last Updated on October 5, 2022

When KOTOR 2 was announced for the Nintendo Switch in June 2022, Aspyr’s website announced that there would also be DLC, to be released in Quarter 3 of 2022.

That DLC was aimed at bringing the cropped content of the original game to Switch players revisiting the classic Star Wars title. Except… it still hasn’t appeared, and Aspyr is tight-lipped.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was famously pretty buggy upon its original PC release, so news of the Switch version was well-received. However, things haven’t been great for Aspyr since, with some of those bugs retained on release of KOTOR 2.

Almost as if the game hadn’t been play-tested on the new hardware…

At the time of writing, Aspyr has not responded to Tweets from concerned fans awaiting their DLC. There has been no pre-emptive warning of a delay.

There has been nothing, in fact, since the patches were released for the buggy release back in July.

The expected DLC was to include:

  • New HK Manufacturing Plant Mission – Play as your droid companion HK-47 and explore a mysterious HK Manufacturing Plant beneath the Telos military base.
  • New Revamped Ending – Experience the final level in a new way, with greater interactions from your party members and added focus on your past choices.
  • Livelier Crew Conversations – Get to know your crew on board the Ebon Hawk even better with additional lines of dialogue and interactions.
  • Bonus Quests & Challenges – Discover even more quests and combat encounters scattered on various planets around the galaxy for an extra challenge.

But no one knows where those items are or when they’re set to drop. And when key news outlets (like NintendoLife) are being ghosted by Aspyr, one has to wonder if Aspyr is still running.

After all, the developer lost the gig on the remastered/remade KOTOR earlier this year. Did that move have wider implications for the team? Did they in fact lose all current KOTOR/KOTOR 2 projects?

Or worse, is Aspyr no longer operational, aside from social media accounts?

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