The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape

The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape

The ZX Spectrum is 40 years old today. So what better way to celebrate than with a mix tape of Spectrum games? The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape is a cassette-bursting collection of 40 games from 29 creators that you can buy before April 30th.

Better still, proceeds from the sale go, Humble Bundle-style, to a very good cause: Special Effect. This is a charity that aims to improve the quality of life of the physically disabled through videogames. You should visit to learn more about this amazing project. At the time of writing, the mix tape has raised $3,582.00 of its $4,800.00 goal.

What’s on The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape?

40 ZX Spectrum games is undoubtedly a lot. Then again, for just $10 and a warm feeling in your heart that you’ve done some good, this is possibly the bargain of the century so far and certainly the best way to honour the genius of the late Sir Clive Sinclair.

On the The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape you will find:

Robot 1 in.... THE PLANET OF DEATH!!by prefim
Escuela de Ladrones / Thieves Schoolby World XXI Soft Inc.
Unhallowedby Blerkotron
Quadronby Cosmium
Ninjakul 2: The Last Ninja (ZX Spectrum 128k)by Pat Morita Team
Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designerby Jonathan Cauldwell
Albatrossityby Jonathan Cauldwell
Black & White - (ZX Spectrum 128K) - Full Game!by Pat Morita Team
Cursor Draw Reborn (ZX Spectrum)by chernandezba
Ninjakul in the AUIC Temple (ZX Spectrum 128k)by Pat Morita Team
Laserbirds (ZX Spectrum)by Teknamic Software
TRASHMAN Crisis Time ZX Spectrum 48/128kby PCNONOGames
Last Train To Tranz-Central (ZX Spectrum)by Quantum Sheep
Alien Girl - ZX Spectrumby Javier Fopiani
Main Course - The Retro Cut (ZX Spectrum)by Quantum Sheep
Vegetables ZX Spectrumby MikeRichmond
The Seanceby Quantum Sheep
Cocoa 2: Twenty Four Hour Parsley People (ZX Spectrum)by Minilop
SubBlitzby Jim Blimey
Bat Boy - (ZX Spectrum 48/128K)by Pat Morita Team
Misifu Remeow (Zx Spectrum)by jordi
Retro-Adventure Collectionby Evan Wright
Forward to the Pastby Sloanysoft
Project Vaeliusby TokuSoft
The Swarm is Coming... (ZX Spectrum)by Minilop
Shovel Adventure (ZX Spectrum 128k)by Pat Morita Team
DOOM PITby zanklesoft
Cosmic Space Attack 48K | ZX Spectrum | PCby Vintage Software Systems Ltd
Tokimal (ZX Spectrum 128k)by Pat Morita Team
Alien Slapheadby ZXDavies
Chez Maxime ZXby highriser
Where Did The Moon Go?by 80sNostalgia
Chopper Defence - ZX Spectrum homebrewby PsychicParrot
The Lava Birds (ZX Spectrum)by Quantum Sheep
PRIMA DERE ZXby AppSir Games
SpecialEffectby SpecialEffectCharity
Ooze : The Escapeby BubbleSoftGames

You’ll also likely need an emulator to play the games. The team behind the bundle suggest:

It is worth noting too that some titles requirethe 128K Spectrum, so be sure to set the correct emulation mode.

Grab the ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Game Mix Tape on now and help them achieve the $4,800 goal.

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