Try This New Commodore 64 Game: Jump Out +

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Looking for a new Commodore 64 game? Amazingly, new games are still being released for the 8-bit legend, including this puzzler from Vector 5 Games. 

Jump Out + is an addictive tile puzzle game in which you guide a small character around a maze of tiles. Most of the tiles are destroyed (fall away into space?) as you move the character away from them, meaning there is no going back. Destroying the tiles in this way helps you to gain points, however, so it’s not all bad.

Each puzzle is on its own screen, various tile types are in operation in the game, and additional lives can be collected. Note that some tiles dictate the direction you have to take, while teleport tiles zip the character to other parts of the maze.

You can learn more about Jump Out + for Commodore 64 by visiting its dedicated page at the C-64 Scene Database. where you’ll also find a download link.