Unboxing a “Haul” of My Own Forgotten Retro Gear

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Some people go to charity shops, auctions, or eBay to find retro gear. I’ve had a bunch of it stashed away for years, waiting for the day when I eventually crack open the storage boxes and take a look.

Today, I pulled a few crates full of old tech out of my parents’ loft. Among them was a case stuffed with old computer and console gear. I filmed the video above as I opened the box, to give you a look at what was inside.

You can expect to see a VIC 20 (slightly the worse for wear; you’ll find out why in the video), a Nintendo 64, and an Ingersoll XK 600B TV games machine. This is essentially an early game console, with six built-in games, that runs on batteries.

Also in the box are a few games, along with a copy of The Hobbit – the volume that shipped with the 1984 text adventure game.

This isn’t the only box I have with old gear in it, so keep a look out for a follow up video in which I crack open some more retro gear from my parents loft. Don’t ask where I’m going to stick any of it.