Unmissable Mega Book Collection Digital Book – Download Now!

Unmissable Mega Book Collection Digital Book – Download Now!

Last Updated on February 19, 2023

For the past few years Greyfox Books has been providing retro-themed publications to fans and admirers of classic gaming, via its site or crowfunding. The Mega Book Collection is one such volume, but this one’s a bit diffferent – it’s free!

The Mega Book Collection is jampacked with 239 stunning full-colour pages, showcasing the amazing games and graphics of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, MegaCD, and 32X consoles. Games featured include Ghouls’n’Ghosts, Flashback, Robocop Versus Terminator, Sonic CD, After Burner Complete, Virtua Fighter, and many more.

You can order this volume in PDF only. Oh, and it’s free.

The Mega Book Collection has been designed & presented exclusively in digital format and carries over 293 pages of full-colour content, covering many classic Sega and its third-party titles from the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, MegaCD / SegaCD and Sega 32x libraries all in one amazing book. And what this unbelievable is we are giving it to you for FREE!

The reasons for the Mega Book Collection being free are not 100% clear. However, Sega has recently become more Nintendo-like. They’ve already put pressure on Bitmap Books over their Mega Drive book, so it seems likelly Greyfox Books is ensuring as many people as possible see the Mega Book Collection without drawing the ire of Sega’s legal team.

Officially, the reason is as follows:

We attempted to bring this book physically to everyone back in 2021 via crowdfunding but alas we were unable to do so. So going forward, we decided rather than this amazing project to be left sitting on a hard drive gathering dust forever, we made the decision to offer it for free for everyone to enjoy and because we are very nice and generous people here at Greyfox Books and love to support the Sega retro gaming scene.

Clearly a labour of love for Greyfox Books founder Darren Doyle, we’ve had a look at the Mega Book Collection and it really is worth reading. The download might be dearing 300MB but for the design and resolution of the volume, it’s worth every kilobyte.

Check it out and download the Mega Book Collection free from Greyfox Books today.

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