Unreleased Atari Arcade Game ‘Akka Arrh’ Reimagined 4 Decades Later

Unreleased Atari Arcade Game ‘Akka Arrh’ Reimagined 4 Decades Later

Akka Arrh is a prototype arcade game made by Atari in 1982. After a play session with test audiences at the time, Akka Arrh was deemed too difficult, resulting in Atari canning the entire thing.

Only three cabinets for the game are known to exist, making Akka Arrh an exceptionally rare piece of arcade history.

Forty years later, legendary game designer Jeff Minter has reimagined Akka Arrh, and it’s only a matter of time before we can get our mitts on it.

From the available gameplay footage, this reimagining clearly draws influence from the likes of Tempest, Missile Command and Every Extra Extend. Akka Arrh boasts an over-the-top psychedelic colour pallet, Vector-style graphics, and good old-fashioned high-score hunting. I guess we shouldn’t expect a battle pass with this one!

The Tempest vibes make sense, as Jeff Minter worked on Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. More recently, Jeff worked on 2017’s Polybius. A reimagining of the infamous (and likely, fictitious) Arcade game from the early ’80s.

Polybius has been received well by critics and gamers alike, so the project is in good hands.

Akka Arrh is coming soon to multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS. You can check out the Official Reveal Trailer here

You can also add Akka Arrh to your Wishlist on Steam.

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