VirtualBeeb is a BBC Micro Emulator for Your Browser

VirtualBeeb BBC Micro emulator

Fancy recalling the halcyon days of Micro Live and and computer classes at primary school? VirtualBeeb is an online BBC Micro Emulator that is based in your browser, meaning it can essentially be run on any device.

Several computers have made an impression on me over the years. One with the biggest footprint is the BBC Micro, distributed to schools across the UK in the early 1980s. Better still, my aunt and uncle owned one, and it is the device on which I first encountered Usborne’s The Mystery Of Silver Mountain (a game I still haven’t completed…).

Indeed, I’ve considered buying a BBC Micro on several occasions in the past couple of years, but of course the prices for the system are expensive. The Acorn Electron can run most of the same software, I understand, but is a slower system and as such not quite the same…

Which brings us nicely back to VirtualBeeb.

To use this emulator, open in your browser, then click the Load menu to run a popular, pre-configured game. The list includes Chuckie Egg, Elite, Repton, and others. You can also find more games via the Search Games Archive menu or upload your own. The display can be tweaked, and controls can be checked via the Keys menu.

Like most browser based emulators, VirtualBeeb is easy to use, with all the painful emulation configuration already done. If you’ve been looking for a way to revisit the classic UK computer platform without breaking the bike or losing your mind tweaking an emulator on your PC, this online BBC Micro emulator is the best option around.