Welcome to our Retro Gaming Discord!

Welcome to our Retro Gaming Discord!

Last Updated on January 21, 2023

The Gaming Retro team would like to cordially invite you to… chat! We’ve opened our very own retro gaming discord, whre we chat about retro games, platforms, and other stuff, and thought you might like to drop in, too.

To join out server, use this invite link: https://discord.gg/5MKktDRumt

All our current writers are members there, and we’re keen to hear what you play, how you play it, and what you’re waiting for re-release. Is it GoldenEye 007? Knights of the Old Republic II DLC? Or do you have a particularly obscure gaming favourite that you’re desperate to see on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Evercade, or that you secretly play on a ROM of compromised provencance?

Either way, you’re welcome to join. From this moment on, the Gaming Retro Discord server is open!

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