Well, Of Course You Can Run DOOM on a Lego Brick

DOOM on a Lego brick

Is there anything DOOM cannot run on? DOOM on a Lego brick is the latest installation wizardry to blow your mind.

Now, if you were already aware of @ancient_james’ work inserting a small display into a Lego-compatible brick, Lego Space style, then what follows should not come as too much of a surprise.

Following the success of that project, there was really only one place left to go. So, it came to pass that James Brown was able to run DOOM on a Lego brick.

It’s the latest piece of DOOM-flavoured madness that is seriously making us wonder if a “This Week in DOOM” feature is worth the time.

Boasting a 72×40, 1bpp display resolution, there is a small amount of trickery and hackery at play. When quizzed over the method of converting the 256 color game to 128×64 monochrome, Brown responded:

The big question is: where next for DOOM? After Lego bricks, what else can the game be ported to? I was going to suggest someone might try and run DOOM on a vegetable, but would you guess, someone already did that?!