What Is Abandonware: The Horror Collection?

What Is Abandonware: The Horror Collection?

“Found footage” retro styled mystery game Abandonware: The Horror Collection asks the question: “What will you discover on the abandoned hard drive?”

Abandonware is a captivating indie game developed by Fossil Games, a two-person team that fervently adores horror and true crime. Their passion for these genres shines through in their creation, which masterfully combines nostalgia, retro gameplay, and an eerie atmosphere that grows increasingly twisted with each new discovery.

Despite its retro graphics, Abandonware offers a depth that will surprise and intrigue players. Once you boot up the game, you’ll be greeted with a short list of games that, as you play them, start changing and glitching in unexpected ways. Unlocking new games will plunge you into a world that becomes progressively more sinister and unnerving as the storyline unfolds.

The true beauty of Abandonware lies in its ability to evoke a lasting sense of unease, rather than relying solely on jump scares (although those are present too). Unlocked files can range from unsettling photos to deeply disturbing audio clips that stay with you long after you’ve shut down the game.

Streamers will be delighted to discover that Abandonware is a perfect match for their content. Your audience will actively collaborate with you, spotting details you might have missed and helping you unlock new content that will send chills down the spines of everyone in your chat.

According to the developers, Abandonware: The Horror Collection is much more than just a game – it’s an exploration of fear, mystery, and the things that truly scare us. Their aim was to create an experience that defied the conventions of traditional horror games and immersed players in an unforgettable journey of unease. They invite players to step into a world where every discovery has the potential to stop you dead in your tracks. The developers promise to continuously add more games for players to experience, each hiding secrets that build upon the enigmatic story hidden within the found 3.5” hard disk drive.

Released in early access on Steam, Abandonware offers players a chance to dive into its complex and intricate storyline while new content is regularly added. The developers are eager to see where the journey takes players and encourage them to embark on this chilling adventure. Don’t miss out on the 25% discount available at launch!

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