Wingman SNES Lets You Use All the Controllers on NES and SNES

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Play classic NES and SNES titles with modern controllers thanks to Wingman SNES.

Dreamed of using a modern controller with your Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Nintendo Entertainment System? With Wingman SNES, you can.

Also supporting AV Famicom and Super Famicom, the Wingman SNES boasts plug and play design, with stable, low latency responsiveness. Turbo play and button remap is also supported. 125 controllers and fight sticks are supported, USB and wireless, making it easy to choose the controller you want and connect it with the minimum of fuss. Xbox controllers, PlayStation controllers, later Nintendo controllers, and most popular third party devices (e.g. those from 8BitDo) should all work on your NES or SNES through this device. (Visit the Brook Accessory website for the full list of supported controllers.)

Here’s a look at how the Wingman SNES works:

Only 2,000 devices are being produced, so if you have the need to play on your NES with  PS5 controller, now is the time to act.

The Wingman SNES is available from today (January 21st, 2022) from Brook Accessory; check the Where to Buy page to find a Wingman SNES stockist near you.