Within a Dead City: Tribute RTS Classic Majesty Out Now

Within a Dead City: Tribute RTS Classic Majesty Out Now

Last Updated on August 7, 2023

Within a Dead City is a new autobattling RTS game from Moonroof Studios that will be released on Steam on August 7th. The game is a tribute to the classic strategy game Majesty, and players will run an Adventurers Guild inside an ancient and forgotten city.

In Within a Dead City, players will hire heroes to pillage the ruins of the cursed capital. There are riches to be found, but there are also dangers. The heroes act on their own accord, slaying monsters, raiding lairs, and defending the guild outpost. Players cannot control the heroes directly, but they can influence their behavior by placing bounties on foes.

Satisfied gamer reviews:
“My wizards keep dying. 10/10 authentic Majesty experience.” – Zaygr
“This steps outside the norm and should be praised for being bold.” – Orbital Potato
“A really compelling tiny 4x loop.” – alligatorjazz

Players can also grow their outpost and build shops for the heroes to spend their hard-earned loot. They can create trade routes to keep their economy growing, and cast timely spells to keep the heroes from dying.

Within a Dead City is a challenging and rewarding game that will appeal to fans of Majesty and other autobattling RTS games. The game is available on Steam now.

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