WW2 RTS Classic Company of Heroes Switch Version Announced

WW2 RTS Classic Company of Heroes Switch Version Announced

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Company of Heroes, the real-time strategy game that redefined the genre, is coming to Nintendo Switch this autumn.

Issued for the first time on console as part of a collection, the Company of Heroes Collection for Switch includes the base game and both expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, in a single package.

Players will command both Allied and Axis forces in epic campaigns based on the liberation of France during World War II. From the daring beach assaults of D-Day to the Battle of Normandy, the full battlefield will be under the player’s command.

Intense tactical combat takes place across 41 squad-based missions, with moment-to-moment encounters shaping the course of each battle. A customizable Skirmish mode is also included, offering enormous replayability and rewarding bold experimentation.

The Company of Heroes Collection features a bespoke user interface and controls designed for play on Nintendo Switch. More details will be released closer to the release, expected later this Autumn.

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