Xbox Community Enraged Over Trophies in PlayStation Backwards Compatible Games

Angry guy

Anything Xbox can do PlayStation can do better? We’ll see…

23-year-old PlayStation classic Syphon Filter will have trophies on the overhauled PS Plus service – which hints at other backwards compatible games getting trophies – and Xbox community members are fuming steamy levels of jealousy right now.

Nearly five years ago, Microsoft released the unassuming Game Pass to Xbox and PC owners, and what a global earthquake that was. No one could have anticipated just how successful it would be, but one thing is for sure: naysayers were absolutely wrong. 

Since its release, Xbox Game Pass has accumulated over 25 million subscriptions, which is insane revenue for the company. Xbox owners were living large with their shiny new cyber toy, while PlayStation owners were left feeling left behind.

Sony eventually realized how crucial it would be for them to “get with the times,” Shortly after, reworks for their PS Plus service would be announced and put into work. Of course, there are skeptics, but there has been reasonable reception to the upcoming service for the most part.

Naturally, people are comparing it to Xbox Game Pass and looking for new reasons to love it, and one just came on a silver platter. Recently, Bend Studio, developer of Syphon Filter, announced that they had implemented PlayStation’s trophy system into their 23-year-old classic. 

This is pretty big news considering most backwards compatible games have basic features outside of simply being able to play the game. Likewise, Xbox doesn’t have Achievements for its backwards compatible games.

This was never really discussed in large by the gaming community. Yet the energy from the “console wars” sees Xbox community fans hungry for similar treatment, exclaiming their desire for Achievements in Xbox’s backwards compatibles games. 

It’s hard to determine whether this was a long-time concern of the Xbox community or if it was drummed up in light of PlayStation’s newest backwards compatible games feature to its competitive subscription service. Regardless, it is interesting to see if Microsoft will even bother with an answer to this concern the community has now posed.