Xbox Version of GoldenEye 007 a “Straight Port”, No XBLA Remaster

Xbox Version of GoldenEye 007 a “Straight Port”, No XBLA Remaster

Last Updated on January 27, 2023

Don’t panic, people: the Xbox release of GoldenEye 007 is out on Xbox Game Pass, or if you bought the Rare Replay collection way back when, it has been belatedly added.

But not all is as it seems.

When this whole “GoldenEye is getting re-released!” shebang kicked off back in 2021, it was off the back of a leak of an abandoned 2008 project that featured a very nice set of optional new graphics. Our guide to playing the leaked GoldenEye 007 ROM on PC explains more on this.

In short, you could instantly switch between the original Nintendo 64 graphics and a smooth set of Xbox 360-appropriate new skins and textures.

These new skins and textures are not in the official new release, and no one is saying why, least of all Rare.

Now, it might be that Nintendo wanted to ensure the N64 version playing through Switch Online was not hampered by a rival version with enhanced graphics. At the same time, why not offer that for both devices?

Ultimately this release is aimed at ensuring massive online multiplayability for GoldenEye 007. Enhanced graphics (besides widescreen and some upscaling) have taken a backseat. Perhaps we’ll get the option in a future update…?

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