Xenoblast Scrolling SHMUP for ZX Spectrum

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Xenoblast is a brand new top-scrolling shoot ’em up for ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k models, available to buy now.

This classic-style shooter features hordes of aliens and pods to collect to recharge the smart bomb. With an attractive main sprite and varied alien waves, it looks an engaging and addictive experience. Most crucially, this is a hugely professional project that features a stunning theme tune, which you can enjoy in the video above.

200 years into the future humans have peacefully colonised deep space. Things have taken a dark turn as recent xeno discoveries have turned hostile. News reaches HQ alien life forms have overtaken several human colonies in the outer region, and you are amongst the best pilots to repel their offensive.

Xenoblast puts you charge of a class 2 defence ship, an agile fighter with the weaponry to take on the hostile aliens. Guide your ship safely through the colonies, destroying as many xeno fighters as possible, and remove the motherships delivering alien drones to the human colonies. Along the way make sure you collect as many Power Pods as possible. These will recharge your smart bomb, but more importantly enable the portal to hyper jump to the next zone at the end of the level.

Take on hoards of alien ships through 7 levels of arcade shoot-em-up action and liberate the colonies before it’s too late! Good luck!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Spectrum, having sat for hours on a friend’s living room floor in the mid-1980s waiting for games to load on the oddball, rubber-keyed computer. But there’s a certain style to Xenoblast that makes it worth spending some time with, I think.

You can grab your copy for just £6 from the Cronosoft website.