You Can Now Use Retronic Design’s USB Joystick Adapter with the A500 Mini

Want to use your favourite retro joystick with the A500 Mini? Now you can thanks to a new driver for Retronic Design’s USB joystick adapter.

The A500 Mini kit is great, but while the mouse is suitable for almost any mouse-demanding game, the gamepad is less flexible. It’s a decent step up from the CD32 original on which it is based, but can’t substitute a joystick.

USB joysticks are the simplest option, but what if you require something a bit more authentic?

Whether you prefer the feel of your trusty Zipstick or Competition PRO or you want to go for a truly retro experience and have sourced a classic controller from a retro gaming store, Retronic’s universal D-SUB9 to USB joystick adapter is compatible with most ’70 ’80 and ’90 era joysticks.

Requiring the A500 Mini’s v1.1.1 firmware (or later) from the Retro Games Ltd website, you’ll need the gamepad connected as well, and use this to switch control to the joystick when you start any game requiring the joystick.

For full details and to buy your own classic joystick to USB adapter, head to the Retronic Design website.

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