You Get to Choose From THREE Evercade VS Consoles [UPDATED]

Evercade VS

Evercade has outdone itself again with the announcement of not one, not two, but three exciting Evercade VS Consoles! 

Following the success of the standard Evercade handheld, the home console VS was announced earlier this year. Designed to handle up to four players and with dual slots to minimise wear and tear on the carts, two VS bundles have now been confirmed. Details of the secret third pack is set to be released later.

Evercade VS Starter Pack

The basic VS console comes with a single controller and one game collection. The Technos Arcade 1 Cartridge features eight games, including Double Dragon II and Double Dragon III.

At £89.99 ($99.99 or €99.99) the Starter Pack is the ideal introduction to the Evercade eco-system.

Evercade VS Premium Pack

If you want two player action, the Premium Pack adds an extra controller along with the Technos Arcade 1 and the Data East Arcade 1 carts.

This setup will set you back £109.99 ($129.99 or €129.99) which isn’t bad for a two player system with 18 games.

Evercade VS Limited Founder Edition

Finally, a limited edition model of the VS has been teased. We’ll update this when more details are known.

Available exclusively from Funstock games from May 27th, this collector’s edition is limited to 5000 units and comes in black.

It also includes a black link cable to use the original Evercade as a controller, and features six collections: The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1, Intellivision Collection 1, Technos Arcade 1, Data East Arcade 1, Gaelco Arcade 1, and Atari Arcade 1. By our reckoning that amounts to 54 games across all generations of pre-2000 retro gaming.

Evercade VS consoles will be available to pre-order on May 28th from the usual approved retailers, in time for release in late 2021.