You Have 10 Days to Buy Nintendo Game & Watch 35th Anniversary Edition

You Have 10 Days to Buy Nintendo Game & Watch 35th Anniversary Edition

Released on November 13th 2020, the 35th Super Mario Bros edition of Nintendo Game & Watch is coming to the end of its life. Along with other celebratory products (such as Nintendo Switch collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars), it will become unavailable on March 31st 2021.

Featuring Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, and a digital clock, this special golden Game & Watch also includes Ball (Mario version). This is plays in a traditional LCD style, just like the classic Game & Watch handhelds of the 1980s.

Originally released in Japan in 1980, the Game & Watch was Nintendo’s first handheld game console. This version of the system was already widely sought after – and with it becoming unavailable as of March 31st, the 35th anniversary edition of Game & Watch looks likely to become even more desirable.

Sadly, the console is sold out in most regional official Nintendo stores online. However, the Nintendo Game & Watch 35th Anniversary Edition remains available from Amazon.

Every aspect of the new edition is faithful to the original, but with key enhancements. With superior controls and a pass-to-play two player mode, the main game graphics look superb for the small 1.57 x 16.99 x 13.39 cm (weighing 50 grams) dimensions. 

Think £35 is expensive for three games? The comparative price of the original Game & Watch (which shipped for around £15) is closer to £65. While cheaper systems with more games are available, they’re not official Nintendo gear, and don’t have Super Mario Bros or a clock with up to 35 animated backgrounds.

Need another reason to buy it? Well, did you hear that you can hack the Nintendo Game & Watch?

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