YouTuber Builds Insane Lego Game Boy Advance SP!

YouTuber Builds Insane Lego Game Boy Advance SP!

You’ve never seen a Lego Game Boy like this one…

Lego have pleased fans of Nintendo with their many interactive Super Mario Lego sets, but sometimes its the Lego-building fans who set the bar high for what you can achieve with a good number of colourful bricks and an open mind.

YouTuber Retro Stash Repairs has built a Game Boy SP shell from Lego, taking the motherboard of the GB SP and using Lego bricks to create a custom shell. What’s amazing about this project is that the console is completely playable. The YouTuber details the process of the build in the video below going through, case building, cutting out the buttons, placing the screen and motherboard to create the ultimate crossover!

The creator goes on to demonstrate the Lego Game Boy SP in action with Super Mario World as they posted a video on their Instagram. Whilst handling this unique design would be a slightly different experience to holding a default SP, you can’t help but be in awe of its utterly vibrant style. Just in time for the 20th birthday of the console!

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