Zool Redimensioned Gets PS4 Release and PC Multiplayer Update

Zool Redimensioned Gets PS4 Release and PC Multiplayer Update

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

31 year old Amiga classic Zool Redimensioned finally comes to Sony PlayStation 4.

Zool Redimensioned, which was initially launched on PC in 2021, has recently received an upgrade for PS4. This upgraded version now includes three fresh local multiplayer modes – namely Zool’s Gold, Rool of Zool, and Ball Brawl – exclusively developed by the talented students at Sumo Digital Academy.

The new multiplayer modes are also incorporated in the Steam version of the game without any additional cost.

What is Zool Redimensioned?

Zool Redimensioned marks the triumphant return of the beloved gaming mascot originally created by Gremlin Graphics in 1992 for the Amiga.

Lauded by critics upon its initial release, this new iteration of the classic action platforming adventure has undergone a major overhaul to captivate modern audiences. Join Zool as he embarks on a thrilling journey across eight alien worlds, braving challenging obstacles, felling formidable bosses, and thwarting the villainous designs of Krool. While the game’s virtuosic platforming mechanics hold true to its old school roots, the addition of contemporary improvements ensures its seamless transition to the 21st century.

Put your gaming prowess to the test with Zool’s formidable challenges, race against the clock to break your old speed run times, seek out concealed secrets hidden in every level, or indulge in a trip down memory lane by revisiting the timeless original. Experience anew the tale of the legendary ninja that set the standard for all who followed.

Zool’s new features:

  • Over 28 retro platforming challenges, all enhanced for the best possible experience
  • Choose between two main game modes: Redimensioned for a more accessible modern experience, or Ultimate Ninja to experience a true hardcore challenge
  • Trade blows with the dimension’s most dangerous creatures in seven completely redesigned boss fights
  • Discover new secrets, challenges and extras across your adventure, with 25 trophies to unlock
  • Enhanced quality-of-life options, including a level select screen, checkpoints, accessibility options and more

You can find Zool Redimensioned on the PlayStation Store (priced £6.49 / $9.99 / €7.99) and Steam.

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