Zzap! Fusion Retro Books Annuals Crash WHSmith Newsstands

Zzap! Fusion Retro Books Annuals Crash WHSmith Newsstands

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the UK video game scene orbited around magazines like Zzap!64 and CRASH. The former a Commodore 64 and Amiga title, the latter aimed at ZX Spectrum and Spectrum 128k users, these mags were stablemates at Newsfield Publications Ltd and later Europress Impact.

Anyone active in C64 or Speccy retro gaming will probably know that Zzap!64 and CRASH have both been resurrected in recent years thanks to Fusion Retro Books. This independent publisher not only issues its own title, Fusion, but keeps the candle burning with modern releases of these much loved magazines.

And to underline the success these titles have recently experienced, WHSmith is to stock the three recently released annuals of Zzap!64, CRASH, and Fusion. This is an unusual move for the UK newsagent, bookshop, and stationer, but one that will place the revived titles back in their rightful place.

Here’s how it was announced:

Kudos to Fusion Retro Books honcho Chris Wilkins, as this is a bit of a coup. Keep your eyes open in WHSmith from February, and make sure you’ve got a spare tenner.

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